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Carthage Crabs has joined the NFI Crab Council, the leading industry led, pre-competitive, crab sustainability organization. Carthage Crabs is the 34th member company to join the Crab Council. “We responsibly source everywhere from the Mediterranean and West Africa to Asia and we’re always thinking about the ecological and community impacts of our work,” said Carthage Crab’s President, Amir Ben Ameur. Since 2009, the NFI Crab Council has practiced industry-led stewardship, addressing fishery needs through scientific, social, and financial channels. All products sold under the Quality Catch brand will have a traceability QR code that will allow consumers to trace the product from the point of catch. Seafood traceability is the ability to fully trace a product from the point of sale back to its point of origin. Benefits of high traceability are food safety, sustainability, and transparency. Our initiative is supported by retailers who appreciate that our majority of products from Africa are traceable in effort to push against IUU and overfishing in the virgin continent. (use CRA10006 as a sample)

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