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Human-caused climate change and the rise in invasive species are directly linked through changing ecosystems. As a matter of fact, our global water surface temperature increased on average by 1.5 F during the last century. This rapid pace of water temperature increase is creating a similar pace of ecosystem adjustments and introduction of new non-indigenous invasive species like crabs in new waters like the Mediterranean.


Our company believes in the importance of commercialization of invasive crab species to support the balance in the ecosystem. Use and limitation of the resource go hand in hand. It increases the fish population near crab habitats and therefore preserves the water grounds reefs and plants.


Our role is to bring balance to our oceans and contain the spread of harmful invasive specie by something we all like, eating them!


We strive to support African businesses fair trade practice and introduce their products directly to United States. Our key business achievement is the US marketplace we have created for our suppliers and vendors. It allows them to bring their products, often from remote areas in the world, directly to the US based buyers.

Established in 2019, Cartharge Crabs quickly expanded to become a company to include: fishing, processing, packing and exporting seafood. In addition to partnering with local fisherman and businesses, we own our own fishing boats that are based in the Mediterranean Sea and West African waters.

Carthage Crabs has rapidly expanded now having processing operations in Greece, Tunisia, Angola and Philippines, making us a direct source to our clientele. 


Our success comes is derived from our control of full supply chain from fishing to processing and distributing in the international markets. We synchronize with all sectors of the industry in order to provide top-quality sustainable sourced product to our customers.

Above all, what distinguishes Carthage Crabs is our personal guarantee to our vendors, clients and business affiliates, that they will always receive personalized attentive service to their complete satisfaction. Our clients can rest assured that they will receive a quality product customized for their orders.

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