Sustainability is not just a slogan!


Carthage Crabs is committed to
SDG 14 that aims to conserve and sustainably use of the oceans, seas
and marine resources for
sustainable development.

Sustainable Fishing Methods

Fishery Improvement Program

Traceability & Monitoring of the Whole Chain

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Carthage Crabs distributed more than 10,000 crabbing cages to fishermen for free, this helped hundreds of fishermen increase their earning and improve their socio-economic status.


Based on our staff expertise in international development and sustainability, we are implementing a FIP to form the National Tunisian Crab Council and create a pact between all crab suppliers to comply with size catch compliance and adhere to the conservation period during crab mating season.

We developed a transparent tracing system where all our products are traceable using a QR code, any customer can enter the lot # and get all information about the product and its origins, date of catch and the name of the boat. This initiative is part of our commitment to combat illegal and unregulated fishing in Africa.